Security and Protection


NOVATIS is a full-service provider of vial labels. Our extensive printing experience and customized service allow clients to achieve their most ambitious pharma business objectives. We offer the expertise, trained personnel, and dedicated production capabilities to ensure brand security with end-to-end supply chain integrity.

As we all know, in the steroid industry, everyone has their own brand. With the development of the business, the brand matters now more than ever, and a brand protection strategy is needed to help you make it safe.

We promise:

Unless with the written consent of the information discloser, we won’t publish, copy, sell, rent, transfer, promulgate, leak out, disclose or reveal the info for the brand or the buyer.

Steroid labels and box packaging can play a pivotal role in deterring counterfeit goods and product diversion.
Here are some measures we might take for your confidential information protection:

  • Create the profile for each order
  • Help authorities quickly spot fakes via authentic codes, QR codes, bar-code,etc
  • Embed the uncopyable hologram part on the packaging
  • Implementing a consumer outreach program to train your customers to spot fakes\
  • Take legal action against unauthorized packaging suppliers, if necessary
  • Other reasonable protection measures

NOVATIS will protect you and your end-buyer from Revenue Loss and Brand Erosion with the right security printing and packaging solution.

brand protection


Once vial labels are processed in the order, they should be thoroughly inspected for consistency and accuracy. NOVATIS will send you the pre-printing design for confirmation just in case there are errors in the design.

Most important, the client needs to check carefully on the NAMES, INGREDIENTS and DOSAGE, cuz they might be slightly different on different brands.

Substandard products will be discard during each process, quality control will be arranged when the products finish the production process, and random inspection will be performed by related sales, all of the above measures can ensure you get every piece of steroid vial labels are flawless. Additionally, we also have a packing policy in place to prevent the wrong label from being packed in the wrong carton.

pre-printing confirm

As for the quality part, all of our materials are purchased from the certificated supplier, and shipping and storage are in a cool place. It can help solve the “not sticky” problem from the beginning. Meanwhile, we will deal with the material in our raw material area for a long time to make sure every single piece vial labels we made are in the best condition before printing. Printed with the flexo or UV sticker printing machine, laminated from the heating lamination machine, and perfectly die cut by the automatic cutting machine, above are the usual process of each vial labels.

NOVATIS will check the printing quality, lamination quality, and die-cut quality of each process. After all, there are two lines of inspection system (Machine examination system and labor checking system) for final quality checking. All the inspection will follow the inspection table(as below pics) to check every detail is fine, then the person who checks will sign their name on the table. Items with flaws will be picked up during each process. If the quantity is in shortage, we might re-make to reach the quantity or make it in the next run – – – depending on the vial labels process. Every precaution will be taken just for any potential problems, which can make sure the products you get are perfect.

Furthermore, the adhesive part is the key factor of the steroid vial labels. Instant adhesion, persistent strength, and peeling strength are the main indexes of label testing. NOVATIS can offer the frozen test for the labels cuz vial labels are mostly storage in 2-8°C.

inspection area


As we all know, the entire order process not only needs to promise the quality of products but also needs to make sure they can be delivered intact and on time.
How can NOVATIS make it?

For Packaging

  • 15 years of experience in steroid-related paper products
  • Packed with a rubber band or paper band according to name in each batch
  • Waterproof clear OPP bag outside the batch
  • Air cushion, bubble wrapping, or recycled packing paper will be fulfilled in the carton
  • Warning sticker on the outside carton
  • A packaging list will be sent if you request to help you know what products are in each carton

packaging details

For Shipping

  • Work with at least 10 logistics companies, they all have an advantage shipping country and area
  • Compare many aspects of the shipping process, not just the price
  • Provide you with 2 shipping options at least to meet the client’s different time requests and budget
  • Sensitive products will have their own recommended routine

worldwide shipping

For Customs Clearance

  • Declare a reasonable amount to avoid unnecessary problem
  • Random Custom Clear Check is unavoidable
  • Provide the related documents for Custom Clear
  • Recommend you work with the capability logistics company

custom clearance


With over 15 years of experience in the international business markets, NOVATIS has earned customer loyalty by offering more customized offset printing, digital printing, and large-format printing options than other online printers. The company is popular for its Free File Review, a complimentary proofing service that requires zero upfront payment. We are committed to social responsibility and eco-friendly printing initiatives that support non-profit organizations and environmental sustainability.

Controls are in place to provide an unbroken chain of custody for all materials sourced from sustainable forests, meeting the requirements of the FSC and PEFC. This will provide our customers assurance that their materials are from well-managed, sustainable, and certified forests where biodiversity is encouraged. We create quality, energy-saving products that save you money & help the environment.

environment protection


customer reviews

The quality of paper packaging is awesome. Design meets the customer’s requirements. Very satisfied with the service NOVATIS provided.

A rarity among suppliers. Professional, helpful, and communicative. No language difficulties. Good turnaround time from provision of files and expeditious shipping. Order arrived as expected. Will use again. Highly recommended.

very satisfied with the quick responses they worked closely with me to make sure everything was done right and the shipping was surprisingly fast. A++ service

мне все понравилось

We are very happy with this product. We have made quality test and its all very good. Good printing, good sticker adhesive and good paper. Good cardboard in boxes also. We are very happy

NOVATIS  really did a great job ! The labels and boxes are good, and it delivered to my designated address fast and safe!

To learn more about our steroid vial labels and vial boxes capabilities, contact us today.